Automation and Robotics
In this category, the company that excels in successful implementation, use, and training in automation such as robotics, control, automated logistics, networking, SCADA / HMI, and other process automation and control technologies will be awarded.

Factory Maintenance
Factory maintenance is one of the most important aspects of running a successful factory. As every maintenance engineers knows, technology is changing all aspects of how factory maintenance is managed. As software, sensors, and SCADA systems move closer and closer to the plant floor, big data and the Industrial Internet of Things are challenging maintenance engineers to constantly keep up to date with the latest technological changes.  This category will focus on factories and their maintenance managers’ understanding of IIoT, Predicative Maintenance, Augmented Reality for maintenance applications and other relevant technology issues which help them manage their work better today and to be bettered prepared for technological changes at their companies in the future. 

IT for Industry
Access to information is now the basis of enterprise management, including planning and forecasting of events in manufacturing  processes. The automation of manufacturing processes and the introduction of new technologies are cuasing IT systems to be more and more important in the manufacturing sector. The winner in this category will be the company that has been the most successful in the planning and implementation of IT infrastructure in areas such as ERP, MRP II, MES,TQM, BI, MMS, CAE / CAM, gaining a significant return on investment in such projects.

Sustainability and Environment
The modern manufacturer should focus on the effects of their activities on the environment, the sustainable use of materials and waste and energy consumption. The jury will score manufacturers in this category on their use of environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions, taking into account the following factors:

– Maximizing energy efficiency
– Compliance with regulations concerning environmental protection
– Minimization of losses in production processes
– Waste management
– Hazardous substances and environmental activities extended to the plant environment (the community). 

Industry 4.0 / Industrial Internet of Things
The category focuses on the successful implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies within the factory. These include: the level of integration between management and machine/data systems (Big Data), network communication between machines/products/components, virtual reality and cyber-physical systems, preventive maintenance systems, cyber security, etc.

Factory of the Year 
This award distinguishes the best overall manufacturing firm in Poland. This award specifically highlights achieved excellence in manufacturing. It confirms the exceptional achievements of the company, which led to its prosperity in every respect, and thus significantly increased their competitiveness. 

CEO of the Year
This award promotes excellence in business management. Significant factors in voting will include KPI, ROI, brand recognition, success in restructuring, employee engagement, product launch, time to market, M&A, etc. The winner of the title of CEO of the Year will be selected by the Jury on the basis of his leadership qualities in these areas.